Bruidsfotografie Norwich & Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

Wouter & Dorita December

This blog will be in English. Not just because English is way beyond cooler then Dutch but I made so many new friends in Canada.
I was a little bit shocked when I got the inquiry in my mailbox. Me shooting a wedding in Canada? Why me?
There are a lot of good photographers in that awesome country so why me? But in our meeting with this fantastic couple they told me that they will marry twice.
First time in Canada and the second time in the Netherlands. That is why they wanted a photographer who could capture both dates.

Anyway I decided to bring my dad with me. We left for Toronto a couple of days before the wedding to do some sightseeing and visit a NHL game and then preparing for the wedding. It was a fantastic experience to see so many new things and visit a country you have never been to.

On the wedding day I started at Wouters place and then to Dorita’s family farm a couple of kilometers down the road. Everything went smoothly until Wouter showed up at the front door. As nervous as anybody could be both the lovebirds got to see each other for their first look.

After that we left for a shoot in the forest and an old barn close by. I had so much fun with everybody that will remember this for ever.
After Church we left for the community center in Norwich for the reception.

Two days later we met at the Niagara Falls for a “after the wedding” shoot. It was cold but the sun came out and we had a couple of hours of fun planned.
So thankful that I was invited to shoot this wedding and meet new people and make new friends. Thank you all!

I have selected some images from both days and I hope you like them as much as I do. Enjoy!

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Wil jij ook de mooiste foto’s van jullie trouwdag?

Wanneer je je op je gemak voelt dan zie je dat meteen op de foto’s terug. Ik vind het zelf ook heel belangrijk dat we een goede connectie hebben. Die “klik” zeg maar is ontzettend belangrijk voor mij als trouwfotograaf. 
Jullie krijgen daardoor de mooiste en meest spontane foto’s waarin je je zelf helemaal herkent. 
Zonder poespas en volledig hoe jullie zelf zijn! Dat is wat een goede Trouwfotograaf doet voor jullie!

"Kies voor dé beste trouwfotograaf van nederland"

Is jullie trouwdatum nog beschikbaar?

We fotograferen maximaal 30 bruiloften per jaar om de kwaliteit te kunnen garanderen die jullie mogen verwachten van een professionele trouwfotograaf. 

Voor 2021 zijn we reeds voor 80% geboekt. In verband met Corona hebben veel bruidsparen besloten om in 2021 of 2022 te gaan trouwen. Wacht dus niet te lang!

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