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It is of utmost importance to Eppel Photography that the memories are captured and immortalised, so that they can be brought back to mind with a simple flip through the photographs. To achieve this, Ralf and his team combines his energetic, fun approach to wedding photography with getting to know each couple and reflecting their personalities in the images. This takes time and commitment, but the outcome is a worthwhile reward; both for him and for the couple.

Eppel Photography’s images are characterised, to some extent, by a romantic, intimate style, reminiscent of classic photojournalism. However, this does not mean a formulaic approach. Rather, every image reflects the unique tastes and personalities of the couple. Ralf’s technical abilities allow him to bring the best out of each image, and to do away with elements that distract or detract from the beauty.

Each photograph is elegant with a modern twist, and Eppel Photography is committed to keeping up with modern techniques and trends in the world of photography. This lends the images a timeless appeal that will translate over the years that you will share and the memories you will make together.

Award Winning Wedding Photography

  • Fearless Photographer TOP10 of 2016
  • No4 Destination Wedding Photographer of the world 2016
  • TOP20 Worldwide WPJA Photographer of the year 2015
  • Winner Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography 2015-2016
  • Dutch Wedding Photographer of the year
  • Top 5 Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography
  • International Fearless, WPJA, ISPWP Award winner
  • Best of 2015 Fearless Photographers
  • Top 100 Wedding Photographer Society 2015

Photographer Ralf

Award Winning Photographer.

Album designer Ilona

Memory & Album designer.

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My style is romantic, intimate and filled with details. Incredible photographs result from a trusted relationship between you and your photographer.

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