"Yes, we are going to Mexico in 2023 for the ultimate Destination Wedding Portfolio Bootcamp & Workshop!"
5 - 9 March 2023 - Playa Troncones Mexico

“This is Only for the Real Adventurer”

Yes, we are going to Mexico in 2023 for the ultimate Destination Wedding Portfolio Bootcamp & Workshop! Our amazing team of experienced destination wedding photographers, Tree, Jos and Ralf, will show you all the tips and tricks you need to become a successful photographer. This is for the real adventurer!

This is “the” complete workshop & portfolio bootcamp for wedding photographers. $1750 for the whole package, just book your plane ticket and go!

We will recreate a full Destination Wedding with real wedding couples, including a ceremony, a sunset shoot on the beach. Everything you need to create your Destination Wedding Portfolio! This is the real Destination Wedding experience!

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“I not only gained a goodie bag of technical skills, but also a deeper connection to my craft. Through their combined wisdom, Tree’s gentle passion, and Jos’ masterful storytelling, I left this workshop refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to take my business to the next level!
Marlies Hartman

The Workshop!

  • Create an exclusive DW portfolio
  • Photograph a real destination wedding setting
  • Learn all of our settings
  • Off-Camera Flash
  • Capture creative portraits under pressure
  • Mastering the Client Experience
  • How to get outstanding reception
  • Create awesome party photo’s
  • Workflow & Editing
  • All our Destination Wedding Strategies
  • Website Reviews
  • Portfolio Curation and Copywriting
  • Strategic SEO
  • All-Inclusive Workshop Experience
  • A real good time!
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"After my first workshop in Bologna, Italy, I realized I could and would learn more. His wedding photography skills are amazing. With over 10 years of experience in wedding photography, Ralf managed to bring me to a higher level by mentoring me for a year. I also got an honest and clear answer to every question you asked"
Melissa Ouwehand

All Inclusive Workshop!

Join us for our exclusive workshop & bootcamp!
Your all-inclusive price is $1750!

Included is:

– Stay at Beachfront Present Moment Resort
– Shared room (private room available)
– All meals and non-alcoholic beverages
– Impressive pool area
– Built into daily activities
– FULL ACCESS to our speakers!
– Guaranteed full wedding portfolio
– Relaxation time to enjoy
– Airport transfer (round trip)

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