Your investment in Videography will be valued the rest of your lives. The quality of Videography is what remains when all is said and done.

Eppel & One Life Film

OneLife FILM captures unforgettable moments of life in an atmospheric movie. Accompanied by your music, the highlights of your wedding will be immortalized by our team. A professional cameraman will discreetly accompany you throughout the wedding day until the opening dance and capture the most beautiful moments. After the first film images have been taken, the editor will start editing your own wedding film.

This will be edited to your own favorite music, with music and images leading the film in sync. On the evening of your wedding or at another time we will discuss, the film will be screened so all guests can enjoy your unforgettable day!

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Awarded several times as the Best Wedding Photographer in the Netherlands & Worldwide

What we offer you:

check! Wedding film to your favorite music

check! Your wedding film ready at the wedding

check! Mini version of the film for social media

check! A private portal with your video

check! Drone footage

check! The entire ceremony immortalized

check! Unique Bonus material


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“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Us at your Wedding

From the moment the first shot is taken, a professional editor edits the behind-the-scenes footage. With your favorite music, all the highlights of your wedding will be immortalized. This is the moment when the magic happens. The magic of the right shots, the right emotions and the right moments.

The moment you make a beautiful entrance on your evening, we start the wedding film on a big screen. This is an impressive moment when you relive this beautiful day with all your friends and family. This is a guaranteed success and gives an incredible feeling of connection!

Your entrance, opening dance and vibrant dance floor will be included in the displayed film and you will receive a link to the full version within two days.

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