Once you met the love of your life, the person you decided to marry. But on your wedding day, not everyone who celebrates with you will know your story. How you met and how you arrived on this special day. A super cool, elegant way to share your story with the people who mean the most to you is with a beautiful Still (E) -Motion Video of your wedding.

Eppel Photography not only photographs your most beautiful memories but also transforms them into a beautiful Still (E) -Motion Video!
We search for the right music and pack the most beautiful images together to give you a better view of your memories.
A Still (E) -Motion Video that you can view forever. Just during your lunch break or just get together at home with a nice glass of wine.

Each Video is unique and contains all the beautiful moments of your wedding experience!

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Yvonne + Frank in Tuscany

How does this work?

We come to your wedding with one small team and photograph and at the same time we record moving images and sound.
The beauty of this concept is that you get a wonderful registration in the high quality, colors and contrast that you have already seen from Eppel on this website. We use the latest techniques in Photography and Film, but we also fly the drone when possible for the most spectacular aerial shots! In our studio we bring everything together into one final result! Instead of just photos in a slideshow, you now receive a really cool Still (E) -Motion Video in super high quality!

Do you want an awesome wedding video?

Of course you can! We have a fantastic team at Eppel that can also take care of your wedding video.
If desired, a 20-30 minute version and of course the speeches and / or the complete ceremony.

Yes! We want a Still (E) -Motion Video!

Then Contact us for your wedding! us! We can only accept a limited number of bookings per year!

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My style is romantic, intimate and filled with details. Incredible photographs result from a trusted relationship between you and your photographer.

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