After Wedding Shoot in Hong Kong

“Hannah & Robbert”

**Capturing Love in Leiden and Hong Kong**

Some time ago, I had the incredible opportunity to photograph the wedding of Hannah and Robbert in Leiden, Netherlands. Little did I know, their invitation extended beyond the wedding. I found myself in Hong Kong, where they reside and work together—a journey that felt like stepping into a dream.

From the seamless flight to the exquisite dim sum and the joyous reunion with this extraordinary couple, every moment was infused with magic. It was a privilege to capture their first impressions of the vibrant cityscape through my lens, each frame telling a story of their love and adventure.

Hannah and Robbert, you are the reason behind these memories. Your warmth and hospitality made this experience possible. Let’s delve into some of the highlights from my time with you, where I aimed to encapsulate the essence of your journey and love.

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