"I love what I do, but it always warms my heart when I hear that my couples also love what I do!"

Client Love

Emotion and fun are extremely important to me as a wedding photographer. I place great importance on how my brides and grooms experience this. That’s why I take great pride in hearing from my couples about their experiences with me as their wedding photographer. Every wedding is unique and that is what makes wedding photography so beautiful.

I am delighted that so many of my wedding couples send me online thank you notes, cards by mail, and even a thank you note or two in the form of a cake, a bottle of wine, or a tasty treat.

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Zac & Shadi - Dubai

I cannot recommend Ralf enough and words cannot describe the honour of having him as our wedding photographer. Before the wedding day the only thing that I could think of what makes a great photographer was the technical and artistic aspects of his/her photos.

While reviewing photos, his photos were outstanding both for professionalism and storytelling. I could feel the joy of each wedding through his colourful and vivid photos as if I was there and participated in the celebration. But on the wedding day I got a new insight into what a good wedding photographer means. Not only was he professional, but also having him around was like a breeze on the wedding day. He’s like a bomb of energy and joy and excitement. Inviting our guests from the US and Iran and having our wedding planned in Dubai from the UK because of visa issues for Americans and the US travel ban against Iranians was a stressful process for us . But seeing Ralf early in the morning on the wedding day helped us to forget about all the stresses and focus on enjoying our day. He was constantly making us laugh and was there in every moment without us noticing that a photographer is there and we should pose in a specific way.

He was like a great friend around us on the wedding day and the day after that we had an extra photo shoot. Looking at my photos I just remember joy and happiness, and I tell you what! Ralf was a big part of that! He was the saviour of our everlasting memories and the memories of him being around will stay with us for the rest of our life.

Thank you Ralf! 

Synthia & Menno - Spain

After an investigation, we quickly realized – Ralf’s photos are unique and we think they are almost art. We are very grateful for the way our best weekend was captured. The photos and the film are the only thing that ‘remains’ after the wedding, apart from the memory. Also, Ralf and his team are such relaxed people that you hardly notice they are there. They made us feel very comfortable and it shows in the photos. Ralf is a nice guy and he also joins the guests as if they were guests at our wedding. We would recommend Ralf and his team to anyone! You certainly will not regret the end result !!!

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Tim & Nathalie - Netherlands

Eppel Photography is highly recommended! Ralf is brilliant, has a sense of humor and literally took the pressure off us on our wedding day. From the moment we met him, we clicked and knew we wanted him to photograph our wedding! And the result is stunning, beautiful photos of the best moments of our marriage. Simply TOP!

David & Edwige - France

Ralf (and his crew) are amazing. We are absolutely delighted with our wedding pictures.
Ralf is devoted, kind, funny, full of energy and very talented.
It was a pleasure having him shoot our wedding in Paris!

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Hildegard & Willem - Netherlands

And suddenly Ralf was there! After we had puzzled for a long time which photographer clicked the most and we had the best feeling in terms of approach and ideas, we simply met Ralf. From the first moment there was a very good vibe, and Ralf perfectly translated our feeling into a beautiful engagement shoot on the day we originally wanted to get married, but had to postpone it to a later date because of Covid-19. Our wedding day could not go wrong in advance. And Ralf lived up to our already high expectations on the day!!! Ralf, thank you so much for your friendship, your tremendous dedication and your amazing photos! You have a place in our hearts from now on! We will see you again soon! Best regards Willem and Hildegard

Branka & Wesley - Netherlands

After a nice get-to-know-you meeting, we were quite sure that Ralf had to be the photographer at our wedding. Ralf is spontaneous, attentive, flexible, caring and exceptionally professional. Ralf knew exactly in which moments to lighten the tension with a joke and when not to stand out. The guests were also full of praise for Ralf’s personality and his way of working. During the official moments we did not even notice Ralf moving around us and yet the results turned out really nice. In retrospect, we are even more pleased with our choice for Ralf. The results were really great. The handling after the wedding was also top notch. We were soon able to choose from all the photos to put together the album. Ralf is truly an asset to your big day and you will be very happy afterwards.

Niels & Cecilia - Netherlands

If you’re looking for THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER in the country stop what you’re doing and hire Ralf. His talent surpasses those of other photographers. My dutch husband and I hired Ralf all the way from Texas and had to deal with the difficulties of planning a destination wedding in the NL over 5000 miles away. Even with all this distance Ralf was still able to give us exactly what we wanted. He was very proactive to get to know Niels & I so that he could not only capture each moment, but capture exactly who we are as a couple. He has the ability to photograph every moment so effortlessly and so naturally. He is also, above all else, a joy to be around. Your wedding photographs will last a lifetime so do yourself a favor and hire Ralf because there is no one better out there!

Mariska & Jaimy - Spain

Ralf from Eppel Photography did a fantastic job capturing our wedding. Together with his ‘Second Shooter’ he went with us to Spain and captured our 3 day party there forever. And how! Ralf knows exactly how to find that special angle, the most beautiful light or that one detail. We also really liked that he had a second photographer with him, who by the way was also very creative, so not a single moment was lost. Our album has just arrived and the quality shines. The colors of the photos are beautiful and the layout is completely correct as well. We are very happy with it and will look at the photos together often!

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Justin & Lissa - Netherlands

We hired Ralf to shoot our wedding in Amsterdam!
He is a true professional that combines a talent for photography, a passion for capturing special moments and a dedication to meshing his style with that of his subjects. He turned around the post-processing in under a week and the results were incredible.
Honestly we had no idea the difference a true professional can make. There was a great variety to the photos, from artistic shots that captured the broader setting, candid shots that captured the emotion of the moment and posed shots. Our package included a Wedding Album as well, which was a higher quality than anything we’d seen before.We’d recommend Ralf and Eppel Fotografie without hesitation.

Mark-Jan & Kim - Netherlands

Ralf is a great creative photographer! We chose Ralf because he knows how to make something cool out of any situation! Indoor, outdoor, rain or shine, Ralf always knows how to turn it into a work of art!
His eye for GREAT COMPOSITIONS makes his photos special!

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Mirjam & Mathijs - Netherlands

Ralf and his Second Shooter really captured our day beautifully! From beautiful colorful and even some artistic photos during the photo shoot to the emotions during the ceremony and the fun during the drinks/dinner and party! It was blisteringly hot on our day, but even that could not stop Ralf. We are super thrilled with Ralf and his team: of course with his craftsmanship (not for nothing he has won many awards and we even think that 1 of “our” photos is definitely worth an award), but most of all his incredible sense of humor made us feel very relaxed and that certainly contributed to the beautiful result. If you can get Ralf to capture your most beautiful day, do not hesitate…book!

Mary & Darren - Italy

I can’t say enough good things about Ralf Czogallik & Eppel Fotografie! When we say Eppel’s pictures, we knew he was the one for us – they were unique, vibrant, vivid and yet still captured incredible moments, emotions, fun and literally looked straight out of a magazine. Before the wedding, Ralf takes time to get to know you and what you want, but trust me… just roll with it, let him do his thing and you will be amazed. Ralf and Lyan were both incredibly fun, friendly, personable yet professional, which made us and our guests feel totally at ease… which of course makes for better pictures! Not only was Ralf an amazing photographer and editor, but he also added to our wedding in so many ways, bringing his infectious energy and fun to the day (but always complimentary, never overpowering). He was an incredible addition, and well… I think the pictures speak for themselves! There’s a GOOD reason this guy keeps winning awards!

Jan & Lisette - Belgium

We are very happy that we found Ralf for our wedding! Our photos turned out incredibly well. In retrospect, I was afraid that there would not be enough photos of the special moments because I did not see Ralf. That is exactly his strength. You do not even notice that he is photographing THE MOST WONDERFUL AND AMAZING PHOTOS!

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Nikki & Jurre - Netherlands

Ralf is not only the best wedding photographer in the Netherlands, but also a very pleasant, sweet, funny and personable person! His photos are phenomenal and anything but standard. You will not even notice his presence during the ceremony! Eppel Photography is highly recommended!!!

Martin & Line - Netherlands

At our wedding, Ralf came to capture our day with his second photographer. Just like when we met, it was immediately relaxed. He is open, has a great sense of humor, and exudes calm. He knows what he’s doing and it definitely shows in the photos. Even in our living room, he took FANTASTIC photos. He also likes to think through problems and is flexible. He even took on the role of driver and drove me to the photo location. Ralf took beautiful photos throughout the day. The whole atmosphere of our wedding – warm, cozy, wintery with lots of lights – is reflected in all the photos. It was also a lot of fun and we laughed a lot! Everything went very relaxed. We were very happy to receive 15 beautiful photos the very next day! The slide show to the music is also very well put together and looks like a MOVIE of the day. Thanks to Ralf we have great photos and a BEAUTIFUL ALBUM of our special day.

Tom & An - Belgium

We were warmly welcomed from the first appointment, left with a professional impression, so we knew right away that Eppel Photography could photograph our big day. With a stunning album as a result, we have the perfect review of this fantastic day!

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Pascalle & Bas - Italy

Are you also looking for a photographer for your wedding who thinks outside the box? Stop looking, Ralf is by far THE BEST out there! WE WANTED NO STANDARD WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY , NO POSED PHOTOS (Sure, there are a few), but photos of moments, candid photos, action photos. Ralf can do this like no one else. He is truly an artist in the field of photography. From the moment the first photos are delivered, you will be overwhelmed by great images and music. I know few photographers who have such a sense of image and sound at the same time. Really stop looking, RALF IS THE MASTER!

Carola & Mervyn - Netherlands

Ralf is simply the best photographer out there!
Nothing was too crazy with his 2nd shooter and he captured our day from start to finish. The preview is already in and that bodes well for the rest of the photos. You are awesome!”

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Flip & Magali - France

Ralf and colleagues, thank you so much for your beautiful photos! What a beautiful representation of our wedding you made and it was so beautiful.
Ralf, your incredible motivation and drive was a pleasure to witness, not to mention being the subject of the photo. Your combination of your humor and straightforward communication was just right for us, so we were also relaxed standing in the photos, which turned out just incredibly beautiful. Thanks again and see you at our lustrum!

Michelle & Floris - Netherlands

After a long search on the Internet, I fell in love with Ralf’s photos. The first meeting was very relaxed. We had already looked at many of his photos and after the meeting we were only happier with our choice. Almost anything is possible and his enthusiasm is contagious. On the day itself, he knows how to make you feel completely at ease so you do not even realize he’s there. He is full of ideas and is also just a super nice guest at your wedding! The photos turned out beautifully, that’s the main thing. But also the aftercare, making an album, delivering all the photos with no limit to a certain number, different formats and quality are great. We can definitely recommend Eppel and almost want to say stop looking for a photographer, because you have already found Ralf.

Eefje & Arnout - Netherlands & Cuba

Ralf captured our wedding in his FANTASTIC AND ARTISTIC WAY. The Den Bosch Center seemed much more glamorous than we expected. And we never dreamed we would get such a great album. Also, Ralf and Ilona are such nice people and have such dear friends and colleagues that it’s a pleasure to work with them. That’s why we like to sign up for workshops and started our Cuba adventure together with Ralf. There Ralf showed us once again how great he works, putting together fantastic shoots that also lead to beautiful results in still and moving images.

Tessa & Peter - Netherlands

Ralf, thank you for being there on this important day. What weather we had!!! Only rain, but that was not a problem: beautiful pictures could be taken everywhere. And how fantastic they turned out!!! We are so glad we chose you. One of your biggest pluses is your beautiful character, the Limburg Gemuetlichkeit you bring, and the relaxed atmosphere! Super Ralf, you are the best at your job!!! I recommend Eppel Photography to everyone, do you want beautiful photos? Are you sure that no moment will be missed and that the photographer will always be there? Then you should definitely contact Ralf. Ralf, thank you so much, we really enjoyed having you on the day. And how quickly we received the photos!

Chantal & Ric - Lapland

We can post a whole message here with only positive feedback! We recommend Ralf to everyone! Especially because you only take wedding photos once and you want them to be just perfect! It’s so special how Ralf captures everything and the emotions you see in the photos. We always relive our wedding when we see our wedding albums. But Ralf’s creativity, experience and professionalism is also amazing, which makes the wedding photos so special! The quality is great, just like the wedding albums, beautiful! And how his wife Ilona turns the photos in the wedding albums into a real story is amazing. Also very nice how they work, with your own ‘website’ you can view all your photos and the program that allows you to view and possibly change your album is super nice and easy and all very professional! Also, they are very nice people and Ralf was one big party for a week to our wedding in Lapland! Very nice and sweet man who makes you feel comfortable and with a sense of humor!

Amanda & Bram - Netherlands

Ralf is a TOP photographer. Working with Ralf is very relaxed and pleasant. We did two love-shoots and of course Ralf was there on our wedding day. And the result is really AMAZING! We would recommend Ralf to everyone!

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