“After the Wedding Shoot” in Cuba – Havana & Varadero

Last year, I had the pleasure of capturing the enchanting love story of Eefje & Arnout in the magical setting of Den Bosch. Their dream was to embark on their honeymoon in the vibrant land of Cuba. Despite encountering rain during their initial plans, they chose to explore Portugal for a week. While Portugal was a wonderful experience, the opportunity to venture into Cuba arose in January, and we seized the moment.

I decided to turn this adventure into a collaboration with my talented colleague, Axel, as we explored the picturesque landscapes of Cuba. Our camaraderie, built over the years and strengthened through various workshops, added an extra layer of excitement to the journey.

Staying overnight in the captivating city of Havana was a dream come true. Nestled in a luxurious penthouse on the Malecón, the iconic boulevard separating Havana from the lively sea, we immersed ourselves in the vibrant colors, warm people, and the unique atmosphere of this extraordinary country. And, of course, the rum added a special touch to the experience.

Our journey to Varadero was nothing short of breathtaking, with stunning natural beauty and captivating old architecture influenced by the iconic American styles of the 50s and 60s. The fusion of these influences created a magical blend that left us in awe.

Cuba, with its diverse facets, proved to be the perfect honeymoon destination. This time, we had the privilege of joining Eefje & Arnout for their “After the Wedding” shoot, capturing the essence of their love against the backdrop of Cuba’s unique charm. A week filled with delicious rice and chicken, refreshing Cuba Libre, and indulgent Piña Colada made the experience even more memorable.

If you’re planning your honeymoon and desire breathtaking photos that truly reflect the essence of your love, consider Cuba – a destination that never fails to amaze. For now, revel in the beauty of love!

¡Cuba, eres increíble!

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