After the Wedding Shoot in Cuba – Arnout & Eefje

Last year Eefje & Arnout were in magical Den Bosch and their wish at that time was to spend their honeymoon in Cuba. Unfortunately, it was raining at the time, so they opted for a week in Portugal. That wasn’t bad either, but when they’d the opportunity to go to Cuba in January, we decided to go together. I thought it would be fun to have this adventure together with my cool colleague Axel and just shoot in unfamiliar territory. We’ve known each other for a few years and have also attended various workshops together over the years.

It’s really incredible that we were able to stay overnight in beautiful Havana. We slept in a real penthouse on the Malecón, the famous boulevard that separates Havana from the occasionally roaring sea. The colors, the people, the atmosphere and not to mention the rum. Everything about this country is beautiful. The trip to Varadero was even crazy. What nature and what beautiful old architecture. The American influences from the infamous 50’s and 60’s are still in abundance and that’s what makes this mix so magical.

I think Cuba is the perfect honeymoon destination because it just has so many faces. This time we got to join them for this “After the Wedding” shoot. A week of rice with chicken, Cuba Libre and Piña Colada are just a must. Are you going on a honeymoon? Want some awesome KICKASS photos too?
For now… Enjoy the love! Cuba, Eres increíble!

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