Gaby & Marco – Tenuta Forte Sorgnano

MAGICAL ! That is exactly the word I wanted to use for this destination wedding in Umbria, Italy!
When I travel to Italy, I do not usually think about a warm coat or long johns, but this time I sure could use them. It was a little colder than expected, but hey!
But the venue, the people and the awesome Gaby + Marco had so much energy that my body warmed up quickly.

Also, the hospitality of Marco and his crew at Tenuta Forte Santagno made my stay unforgettable! If you are planning to get married in Italy, keep them in mind.
This unique venue in the middle of nowhere offers you a place to relax, enjoy the pool and of course party all night long.

Destination Wedding Photographer party mode is on!

Anyway, enough of that! It’s time for some photos.
Check out this blog post and enjoy the love!

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