“Hey there, Lovebirds!”

When it comes to capturing the enchantment of your wedding day, consider me your confetti on the dance floor! Picture this: your love story, a unique tapestry woven into my bespoke photography packages. I promise you full coverage on your special day, with each magical moment artfully edited and presented in a digital treasure trove. But that’s not all – I’ll also craft a splendid custom-made album, a tangible masterpiece designed to make your heart dance with joy.

Share the Secret

Now, let me share the secret behind my photographic magic. I operate with the stealth of a ninja squirrel, ensuring that you can savor every moment without even noticing my discreet presence. As you immerse yourself in the day’s magic, I’ll be your photo-taking fairy, capturing genuine emotions and candid moments. And fear not, when the time comes for group photos and adorable couple’s portraits, I’ll step in with gentle guidance, transforming you into the celestial stars you are!

Your wedding day is a grand celebration, and my mission is to make it picture-perfect. I go the extra mile to ensure your absolute happiness, going above and beyond to deliver photos that will leave you over-the-moon thrilled. Have specific requests or wild ideas? Don’t hold back! Whether it’s dressing up your pooch as the ring bearer or capturing shots on a unicorn (a whimsical dream, though I wish I had one!), I’m here to bring your vision to life.

Extraordinairy Wedding Photography

So, if you’re curious about the details of my extraordinary wedding photography packages, drop me a line. I’ll provide you with a quote that will put a grin on your face wider than the bride and groom cutting the cake. I can hardly wait to connect with you and become a part of your incredible love story! Together, let’s weave the threads of unforgettable memories!

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Bruidspaar zonsondergang Trouwfotograaf Ralf

Wat kost een trouwfotograaf? Bekijk hier alle tareiven van jullie bruidsfotograaf. Bruidsfotografie voor de echte mooie momenten!

“Wedding Collections start at 1995

In my whimsical and heartfelt approach to wedding photography, I’ve had the absolute delight of immortalizing over 450 extraordinary weddings! My photographic journey has whisked me away to enchanting corners of the Netherlands and beyond, where I’ve been sprinkled with the delightful sparkle of awards – a heartfelt thank you to all you incredible couples who have made this adventure so magical! I’m continuously weaving new ideas to present you with the most enchanting wedding photography.

What truly touches my soul isn’t defined by your gender, age, color, beliefs, or profession. What matters most to me is the beauty of your heart, the warmth you radiate, your ability to share a hearty laugh, and embracing the joy of life. It’s about cherishing the profound love between you and your partner, the thrilling journey that lies ahead, and the wonderful souls surrounding you on your special day (and let’s not overlook the potential for an extraordinary celebration!)

My ultimate aspiration is to capture not just images, but the essence of love, the raw emotions, and the connections that weave a tapestry between you and your loved ones because, in the end, that’s what truly holds significance to me.


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“What makes us truly special and unique?”

check! I am the trailblazer of fantastic creative visuals, and our style is absolutely one-of-a-kind in the industry.

check! I steer clear of following any trends!

check! 15 years of wedding experience

check! Listed as one of the best Wedding Photographers worldwide!

check! I’ve had the incredible opportunity of judging some of the most prestigious global wedding photography competitions!

check! Worldwide experience with Weddings all over the world

check! I absolutely adore capturing the magic of up to 25 weddings each year, ensuring that I can pour all my love and passion into delivering the most wonderful service and creating breathtaking memories through my images.

check! We are adored and cherished educators and influencers in our wonderful field.

Why choose Eppel Photography for your Wedding?

Ah, the eagerly anticipated day draws near! As you envision every aspect of your celebration to be nothing short of perfection, from the grandest moments to the minutest details, consider entrusting the artistry of Eppel Photography. Picture us as your photographic superheroes, equipped with a camera, poised to immortalize the splendor of your wedding day.

Specializing in capturing the inherent beauty

Consider me a virtuoso in my craft, specializing in capturing the inherent beauty and boundless joy of your special day with a touch so seamless, it’s as if I’m a nimble ninja gracefully fading into the backdrop. Amidst the festivities, I’ll be there, ensuring each moment is captured precisely as you’ve envisioned.

What sets me apart is my distinctive artistic vision. I possess an innate ability to transmute your wedding into a timeless masterpiece, akin to sprinkling enchanting fairy dust over each photograph. Whether it’s the intricate details or the grandeur of the occasion, my keen eyes are attuned to encapsulate it all in a manner that is both awe-inspiring and authentically genuine.

Artistic Flair

What’s truly remarkable is that my artistic flair, coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence, ensures that your wedding photos become more than mere snapshots—they transform into cherished memories. If you seek a wedding photographer capable of capturing your special day in an unforgettable light—one that undoubtedly surpasses even the allure of the cake—look no further than Eppel Photography. Trust in my ability to deliver jaw-dropping images that not only stand the test of time but also beg to be proudly displayed throughout your home. After all, each frame tells a story worth framing!

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— What's included in my packages

  • check! Full day of coverage on your wedding day
  • check! Photography by Award Winning Wedding Photographer Ralf
  • check! An emotion packed slideshow filled with beautiful moments
  • check! All selected images, beautifully crafted and edited in the signature style
  • check! A beautiful online Gallery for you and your guests to enjoy
  • check! Unique Drone footage
  • check! Over 12 years of experience worldwide
  • check! 100% Happiness Guarantee
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