Annemarie & Thomas –
Hilton Rotterdam & Buitenplaats Amerongen

The sun was shining, the love was there, and this beautiful bride and groom were shining like never before! What a wonderful day it was!
I started the day at Annemarie’s where she received a relaxing makeover and had her hair done. I got to take this beautiful bride in my car to Rotterdam where Thomas was waiting for her. With a little delay due to some traffic jams, we arrived at the beautiful garden of the Rotterdam City Hall. There the first look took place and it was really beautiful! As a wedding photographer you really want to experience something like that every time! What an honor!

Then it was off to the Hilton in Rotterdam for a roof top shoot!
We had to be careful of the brooding seagulls that were watching us closely.
The ceremony took place at Buitenplaats Amerongen, followed by a private church service.
Finally, we did a short shoot in the fields around the castle. All in all, a successful day with the photos below as a result!

Photographer: RALF CZOGALLIK
Wedding transportation: LOUWMAN EXCLUSIVE

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