Wedding Photography in Lapland

It started with a joke on Facebook. Chantal said that they were getting married in Lapland with her great love Ricardo. She asked me if I wanted to go, to which I jokingly replied, “YES”. We met once and it clicked. So well, in fact, that some time later I learned that they would like to take her to Finland. I could not believe my ears. A dream came true for me. On January 2, the time had come. I was already at 3:00 in the morning in Schiphol and could not sleep because of the tension. Of course, I only knew the bride and groom and did not know what the rest of the small party would be like. Just like the newlyweds, it clicked for me right away. You know that, that click when you feel like you have known people for years.

After a mere two-hour flight, we landed on the icy and very white airport and were driven to our hotel. There was everything there that should be in a Finnish hotel: Jacuzzi, sauna, drying room and a massage shower. What more could you ask for?

In the morning we walked together to the hair and makeup stylist in the village of Levi, where all the ladies and later Ricardo were treated. Then it was back to the hotel for the final preparations and of course the first look. The nice thing about being right above the Arctic Circle is not only the temperature (-35 degrees), but also that it is only really light for 2 hours. I was stuck in the cab to Snowvillage, trying to figure out how to capture it all. A hell of a job, but it worked!

It was a beautiful ceremony with this amazing bride and groom in the ice chapel at Snow Village.
After a few glasses of Finnish liquor, we did a quick shoot at the ice hotel. What an experience!

It was a week I will never forget, and with a smile and a big tear, I realize now that I would not want to miss this week of adventure, romance, and love! A week where I sat on a snowmobile for the first time in my life, saw the Northern Lights, rode huskies and sank up to my waist in snow. In which I learned to ski, not to mention meeting seven wonderful people. Again, a big thank you to Chantal and Ricardo for taking me on this trip. I would say snuggle up with your partner and enjoy the photos. Enjoy the love!

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