"The importance of a printed Wedding Album is impossible to say in words.
It's a magical book filled with memories!"

Very luxurious personalised Wedding albums

Having a wedding album made is a perfect solution for storing your wedding photos. You had a fantastic wedding day and the photos reflect your day at least as well. You want to enjoy this for at least 50 years, right ?! At Eppel Photography you get the service to have a wedding album made with every package! A professionally prepared wedding album is a great keepsake and will last for many years to come. Can you already imagine how you can still admire your dress and cake etc years after your wedding date by seeing our photos in this beautiful wedding album?

Your Style and Ideas!

When you choose Eppel Photography to have your best day photographed, you can be sure that the photos suit your style and ideas. Many wedding photographers will give you the freedom to think about how you want your album. Similarly at Eppel Photography! So which photos should definitely be in the album? Do you want to add special text, for example a part of the speech of your best friend? Let us know, because of course you want to remember as many details as possible about your wedding day.

We offer many types of albums. So it is first up to you to choose the album format you want and how many photos will be in it. It is even possible to make a beautiful luxury storage box for your wedding album. Then you choose the color and material of the wedding album. For example, do you want leather, linen or artificial leather?
You can also provide your wedding logo or unique text!

Is your wedding date still available?

We photograph a maximum of 30 weddings per year to ensure the best quality you can expect from a professional wedding photographer. For 2021 & 2022 we are already 80% booked!