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Wedding Photographer Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a stunning city to get married in. With its historic canals and medieval architecture, Amsterdam provides a romantic setting for any wedding. If you’re considering getting married in Amsterdam, you’ll need to find a photographer who specializes in Amsterdam weddings.

Amsterdam wedding photographers are familiar with the city’s best locations for wedding photos, from the picturesque canals to the flowering tulip fields. They will also be able to capture the unique atmosphere of your Amsterdam wedding, ensuring that you have beautiful memories of your special day.

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"Awarded several times as the Best Wedding Photographer in the Amsterdam & Worldwide"

Unique Photography in Amsterdam

My goal as a wedding photographer in Amsterdam is to capture your day with an atmospheric style. With my photos, you’ll have access to some of the most beautiful memories from one incredible chapter-of life event – Your Wedding Day!

I like glamorous shots but also prefer journalistic approaches and look for unique moments throughout this historic city that we call home together.

With my style of wedding photography, I like to capture your day in an atmospheric and memorable way. Whether you are looking for glamorous moments or just want some great shots throughout the night; this is what we will achieve together!

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Elopement in Amsterdam

Whether you’re looking for an elegant elopement or want to escape with your loved one, Amsterdam is the perfect place. The city’s quaint canals and beautiful houses will make any couple feel like they’ve stepped into a movie set piece-the Netherlands has become known as “The Venice Of Europe.”

As if that wasn’t enough reason alone why people love it here so much more than other places…I also find myself photographing small intimate stories just because my couples let me capture their big feelings on camera!

The idea of an elopement in Amsterdam is something that couples rave about. The sheer size and crowds may be overwhelming to some, or perhaps you just want the opportunity for your own private ceremony with someone special on this very important day- either way I am here!
I love my job because not only do we get access into what goes behind closed doors at these intimate weddings where feelings can run high but also creating memories through photo opportunities makes all those long hours spent waiting worth every second.

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Wedding Photography Amsterdam

What do you want to see in the wedding photos afterwards? What makes your wedding unique? My casual form of wedding photography freezes personal moments. For example, you will find that in wedding photos with atmosphere, interaction and details that are characteristic of your day. My goal as a wedding photographer in Amsterdam is to photograph you without you being aware of it. This way you can enjoy the day to the fullest. And the photos become more than just wedding photos.

They become a tangible memory. When you look at the wedding photos, you are back to the wedding.

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“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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Awarded #1 wedding photographer in the Netherlands and TOP worldwide by Fearless Photographers, WPJA and ISPWP.
Candid, relaxed and heartfelt images that tell the story of who you really are. Glitter & Glamour Amsterdam Wedding Photographer, available throughout the Netherlands and around the world.

I believe that a conversation is very important to find out if I am the right photographer and person for you. We can arrange a personal meeting at my office in Nederweert or a Zoom call to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.

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"Whatever the reason might be for you to elope, Amsterdam definitely is a great place to do it, so do it well!"
Elopement Amsterdam

Amsterdam Elopement

Every couple has different dreams for their elopement. I would love to hear your thoughts and desires first to make sure we can make your engagement the best experience possible. That being said, I offer a starter package that can be expanded to meet your needs.

This starter package includes 4 hours of coverage and me as your guide through Amsterdam, showing you all the important places and avoiding tourist traps. Of course I will document your exploration and adventure in Amsterdam in a nice story.

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