"You don't marry someone you can live with — you marry someone you cannot live without"

Spectacular and unique wedding photography

With Ralf you get an award-winning wedding photographer who is guaranteed to capture you spectacularly.
Your wedding is a party that takes months of preparation and you want to continue to enjoy this. That is why I will send you a super nice preview in the well-known Eppel Style immediately after the big day!
This way you keep the festive feeling of your wedding as long as possible! Really unique! We have a detailed and comprehensive brochure available with stacks of information and all our other options and packages. 
We are always booked well in advance. So be there on time!

Your wedding photographer around the world

I am very happy that as a wedding photographer I can also capture the most beautiful weddings abroad! In my portfolio that you can view below is full of wedding photography at the most beautiful destinations of Dutch weddings, European weddings and weddings in Italy, Spain, France, Puerto Rico, Romania, Dubai, Canada and the rest of the world! 

I’m a hugely experienced wedding photographer, from sweltering beach weddings in Puerto Rico to ice cold Ice Hotel weddings in Lapland and everything in between! Every wedding that I am proud to attend is completely unique, but my experience has prepared me for everything – something that is very important when looking for a Destination Wedding Wedding Photographer.

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What is our secret to the most beautiful wedding photos?

I often speak to bridal couples who find it exciting to be in front of the lens of a wedding photographer. But don’t worry because your wedding day is not a big photo shoot of course. You do not do this every day and that is why we take this into account. Yet many couples say they think our photos are so natural. Not too much posed and spontaneous, but also razor-sharp and beautifully exposed. We shoot every moment of the day! The preparations with your friends, your guests, parents and family, basically everything up to and including the party. Eppel Photography is the wedding photographer for you!

Is your wedding date still available?

We photograph a maximum of 30 weddings per year to ensure the best quality you can expect from a professional wedding photographer. For 2021 and 2022 we are already 80% booked. So do not wait too long!