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Wedding & Portrait Workshop – Cappadocia Turkey 2022

This workshop will be a unique experience. You will get two different perspectives, two unique philosophies and a lot of hands-on guidance from Ralf & Ufuk as your instructors.

Come with us and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, with a sunset balloon as a backdrop, Love Valley and of course Red Rose Valley! We will take you to the most beautiful places and you will have the opportunity to photograph beautiful couples and learn how to play with light, flash and compositions.

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Melissa Ouwehand – Netherlands

After following my first workshop in Bologna Italy, I noticed that I could and wanted to learn even more from Ralf. His skills in wedding photography are great. With over 10 years of experience in wedding photography, Ralf managed to bring me to a higher level through a year-long mentorship.

Also on every question you asked, I got an honest and clear answer. Ralf is down to earth and accessible.

For me the ultimate Mentor!


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Jorik Algra – Netherlands

“Attended a workshop in Italy at the beginning of April. Ralf gives so much energy, creativity and passion for the profession that it is almost too much to process. thanks!!”

Paula Romein – Netherlands

I attended the workshop in Cappadocia with Ralf and Ufuk in early November 2021. A great experience with two top photographers that I remember very fondly. The days were fully planned with fun models in really great locations. It was also beautiful where we stayed. Really a program that clearly a lot of time and attention went into, and it was also super fun with an international group of very nice photographers! And Cappadocia is really worth staying a few more days yourself!

Ralf & Ufuk thank you!

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One-on-One Mentorship

My mentoring program is completely customized to your needs and begins with a free consultation to determine what you need for your photography business.

Personal mentoring sessions are perfectly tailored to each individual’s needs. Whether you have purchased your first camera or are looking to invest the next step in your photography career.

The mentoring sessions are unique, very close to who I am and what I believe will make you successful in what you do.

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"With the use of off camera flash techniques, you will learn to photograph in all circumstances and lighting conditions. Everything you need to know!"

Off Camera Flash Workshop

Improve your photography and stand out in a highly competitive market by learning innovative techniques for using off-camera flash. Introducing artificial lighting into your photography is not as daunting as you might think. In this two-hour tutorial, I’ll show you how to use off-camera flash, from minimal fill to ambient light compensation to outshining ambient light for dramatic results.

I teach in a thorough and user-friendly way that will enable you to use off-camera flash with confidence.

Yes! I want to learn more about OCF!

Kaylee Ebbers – Netherlands

I traveled to Turkey to participate in the workshop without having much experience like the rest of the group. I found that incredibly exciting as well. Fortunately,  Ralf is very helpful, friendly and social. He really helps you become a better photographer.

I learned an amazing amount in a very short time and I am so glad I was there. The atmosphere in the group was also very pleasant and comfortable.
The workshop is really a boot camp. There are so many locations, you can not even imagine. Each one is unique and breathtaking. As an aspiring photographer, I can recommend these workshops to anyone.

Thank you Ralf for the fantastic experience and everything I learned.

“We all need something to look forward to. We need community now more than ever. Join the Revival!"

Revival Bali 2023 – Workshop

The last 2 years have tested us all, and many of us are in need of more connection, greater adventure, and a deep regeneration of our lives and our businesses.

To inspire creativity and prosperity in the years ahead, we’re bringing together all the elements required to help you revive your spirit in a photography workshop retreat like no other.

Immerse yourself in quality time. Renew your artistic passion in an environment of kindred spirits. Find your Revival. Be there!

Bali? Oh tell me more!
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