2 Fearless Awards & 2 Honorable Mentions

It’s really really hard to win a Fearless Award nowadays. So what’s an Fearless Award anyway?
In the Wedding Photographers world it’s in my opinion the highest honor you can have to win an award. Can you imagine how hard it is to win two?

Fearless is an international organisation that curates only the best in Wedding Photography. Love is Fearless and so should be your wedding photo’s!
Fearless brings together fearless couples and passionate professional photographers from around the world. And everytime I enter the Awards.
Just because it helps me reflect on my work. See if I am on the right track and try to improve myself everytime.
Winning awards and honorable mentions helps me to motivate myself again and again.

More than 10000+ images are entered by the best wedding photographers on the globe and less than 1% is awarded.
With 21 Fearless Awards I just entered the TOP 15 of the World. You cannot believe how proud I am.

Special shout out to my awesome couples and my lovely wife Ilona for giving me the opportunity to do this.
Well enough talk let’s see those awards right? So check them out below! I also added a brief description of what the situation was when the image was shot.

Meet Froukje, our lovely bride in the image above. She was waiting in the car for her mom to get the steam cleaner. She had a little wrinkle in het dress and she did not want to leave to the church before that one was eleminated. With my back against the wall I shot this one with my 35mm. F2.2 – 35mm at 1/200s

The image you see here was really about waiting for something to happen. They were really emotional all the time and in the middle of the ceremony I got this one. Patience was the key here! I think the Black & White enhances the moment. F4 – 85mm – 1/1500s

Minutes before the ceremony started this crazy couple decided to pop a bottle of champagne. The bride did not want to have champangne on her dress, their best friend looked the wrond way and the groom was not prepared for the bottle to pop yet. I love this shot in every way because it happened instantly.
F4 – 35mm – 1/2000s

This last image is one of my favourite moments. Not only because I was there but also because I know how important this fella is to his parents. He held up his emotions during the ceremony but seconds after it was done he started to burst in to tears. So special!
F4 – 35mm – 1/400

Wil jij ook de mooiste foto’s van jullie trouwdag?

Wanneer je je op je gemak voelt dan zie je dat meteen op de foto’s terug. Ik vind het zelf ook heel belangrijk dat we een goede connectie hebben. Die “klik” zeg maar is ontzettend belangrijk voor mij als trouwfotograaf. 
Jullie krijgen daardoor de mooiste en meest spontane foto’s waarin je je zelf helemaal herkent. 
Zonder poespas en volledig hoe jullie zelf zijn! Dat is wat een goede Trouwfotograaf doet voor jullie!

"Kies voor dé beste trouwfotograaf van nederland"

Is jullie trouwdatum nog beschikbaar?

We fotograferen maximaal 30 bruiloften per jaar om de kwaliteit te kunnen garanderen die jullie mogen verwachten van een professionele trouwfotograaf. 

Voor 2021 zijn we reeds voor 80% geboekt. In verband met Corona hebben veel bruidsparen besloten om in 2021 of 2022 te gaan trouwen. Wacht dus niet te lang!

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