Very luxurious personalized Wedding albums

Having a wedding album made is a perfect solution for storing your wedding photos. You had a fantastic wedding day and the photos reflect your day at least as well. You want to enjoy this for at least 50 years, right ?! At Eppel Photography you get the service to have a wedding album made with every package!
A professionally prepared wedding album is a great keepsake and will last for many years to come.
Can you already imagine how you can still admire your dress and cake etc years after your wedding date by seeing our photos in this beautiful wedding album?

Professioneel Trouwalbum - Unieke en tijdloze Trouwalbums!

Your Style and Ideas!

When you choose Eppel Photography to have your best day photographed, you can be sure that the photos suit your style and ideas. Many wedding photographers will give you the freedom to think about how you want your album. Similarly at Eppel Photography! So which photos should definitely be in the album? Do you want to add special text, for example a part of the speech of your best friend?
Let us know, because of course you want to remember as many details as possible about your wedding day.

We offer many types of albums. So it is first up to you to choose the album format you want and how many photos will be in it. It is even possible to make a beautiful luxury storage box for your wedding album. Then you choose the color and material of the wedding album.
For example, do you want leather, linen or artificial leather? You can also provide your wedding logo or unique text!

Professioneel Trouwalbum - Unieke en tijdloze Trouwalbums

Modern Layout

I like a nice fresh layout. No unnecessary hassle, just beautiful stylish pages. You provide a selection of photos for the album so that you can be sure that the most important photos of your most beautiful day are in the album. This makes the wedding album a perfect summary of your wedding day and something you often and happily look into. Of course you can also increase the number of photos in your album so that you can enjoy your wedding day even more. After you receive a nice presentation from me with the content of the album, you choose the color and version of the cover. Of course I make sure that the wedding album gets the high quality it deserves. Made for you personally and exclusively. Also choose extra nice options such as an LCD touch screen in your album!

Professioneel Trouwalbum - Unieke en tijdloze Trouwalbums - Trouwalbum met lcd scherm

Choose the photos for your wedding album

Do you want to choose the photos that will be in your wedding album? For sure you can sit between all your wedding photos for days and not choose which ones you want in your wedding album. Through our modern digital gallery you can mark the photos with a heart as your favorite. Can you really not choose yourself? Just leave it up to us to design your album!

How do you want to tell the story?

Some couples show 30 photos with the most important details of their wedding. Other couples need at least 150 photos for that. Do you think you can not choose? Then go for the last option and choose multiple photos for an event. The less good you can choose and the more photos you need, the thicker the album becomes. We are happy to help you!

What will be the style of the wedding album?

Eppel has many types and sizes of album available. Are you going for a hip colorful album with fun effects or do you opt for a traditional photo album? Make an appointment quickly to see what we can do for you!

Professioneel Trouwalbum - Unieke en tijdloze Trouwalbums

Unique Colors and patterns

We have beautiful colors for you to choose from.
Feel free to ask us about the possibilities. If your color is not listed, we will be happy to help you!

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My style is romantic, intimate and filled with details. Incredible photographs result from a trusted relationship between you and your photographer.

It is best to reserve your wedding date on time!

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